About Me

I am a qualified professional homeopath and CEASE therapist, registered with the Society of Homeopaths and abide by their code of ethics and culture of ongoing Continued Professional Development.

My practice is based in Reading, Berkshire close to the Hospital, University and Thames Valley Business Park.

I first experienced homeopathy after my GP recommended it as a possible treatment for an ongoing condition that conventional medicine had nothing more to offer. I admit I was hugely sceptical but 12 years on I am still symptom free and continue to use homeopathy for myself and my family.

It was experiencing the effectiveness of homeopathy that motivated me to train as a professional homeopath and I undertook a 4 year BSc degree course with Purton House School of Homeopathy, part of Thames Valley University.

During my studies I continued to develop an interest in all aspects of mental health and also treating families and children. Recently this interest has been furthered by my training as a CEASE therapist. CEASE therapy is a system of detoxification, that is effective for all kinds of chronic disease and autistic spectrum conditions.